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Posted on 26th February 2010 by Pia Simeoni in Geeky Pursuits


Here’s another case of “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.” In January we launched our newly redesigned intranet site for our department, the web strategy team. We have a content management system with strict intranet standards as defined by the intranet standards group. Since we’re the web team, we felt we needed a custom look and feel, so we decided to be mavericks, broke out of the intranet standards mold, and designed a custom web site for our team. We had a fully-defined mission for our intranet site, and wanted to know if all of our efforts promoting it was worthwhile. We hit a brick wall when it came to asking the intranet administrators for site tracking. So I let it sit for a while on the backburner. Finally, I made my move.

I set up an analytics account first and added the tracking code to one of the pages. I gave it a day before I logged in to see if it worked. That’s because our intranet has one publishing cycle a day. When I logged in the next day, I didn’t see any activity, and assumed it was because it took some time to see results. Or…maybe analytics just doesn’t work on intranets. So I asked Google.

From within the Analytics site, I clicked on Help in the top right corner and searched for the term Intranet. The first result was an article titled “How do I run Google Analytics on my intranet?” The article said:

In order for Google Analytics to populate reports for your intranet usage, your corporate network needs to reach the ga.js JavaScript at,,,

If you can reach the above URL using your network’s internet connection, you have satisfied the first requirement. Additionally, your intranet must be accessed using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) such as The ga.js JavaScript will not work if your intranet is accessed using a non-FQDN (such as http://intranet).

I passed both requirements, so I checked the stats again. In Google Analytics, it shows results for the last month through the day before the current day by default. But you can see results for the current day by clicking on the calendar and selecting today’s date. And there I saw that we had a few site visits to our home page, the only page I added the tracking code to. So, I added the tracking code to the remaining pages, and now we have our site tracking.

Searched for: intranet (in Google Analytics Help)

Viewed: How do I view Google Analytics on my intranet?

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