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Posted on 25th May 2010 by Pia Simeoni in Geeky Pursuits |Social Media

Below documents my Twitter posts of my twenty-something fave Android apps, (in reverse order of original posting) with just enough of a description to help you decide if it’s an app you’re interested in or not.

Android apps that are necessary evils: facebook. Anyone know of anything better?

Other fave android apps: twidroid, google (maps, goggles, talk, voice, mail, calendar), gallery, market.

Fave android app 20: Swype! Great text recognition, takes some getting used to and I don’t use it enough. Do the tutorial.

Fave android app 19: spare parts. Check on battery status and app usage

Fave android app 18: skype mobile. Only available on verizon.

Fave android app 17: skyfire browser. Can’t decide if I like this or the default browser. All I want is full flash support.

Fave android app 16: Seesmic for twitter. Multiple account support is great. And @loic LeMeur seems super cool.

Android app 15: SCVNGR. Still testing this one out. Yet another location-based social network with promise.

Fave android app 14: pandora/slacker. Both freeze up on me all the time. Why? But I still can’t live without ‘em & Mark Farina radio

Fave android app 13: Palmary weather. Loads fast, cool UI, current, 48hr & 15 day forecast, live radar. Love this one.

Fave android app 12: NewsRob rss reader. Syncs with google reader feeds. Best alternative to Viigo (ex BB owners will know what I mean)

Fave android app 11: Knocking live video streaming.

Fave android app 10: Mabilo ringtones. Sanford & Son ring tone & Jetsons doorbell notification? Yes.

Fave android app 9: job search. Set your search terms & find cool jobs. Email interesting ones to yourself and your friends

Fave android app 8: Gesture Search. Search your phone by finger painting. Remember when kermit used to draw letters on Sesame Street?

[see Kermit draw the Letter M]

Fave android app 7: Foursquare…but I gotta get back in the game. Haven’t played for a while.

Fave android app 6: Fandango to see what’s playing at the Showplace Icon, what’s opening this weekend, & buy tix

Fave android app 5: Evernote

Fave android app 4: CardioTrainer intergrates w google maps, save workouts, track calories burned, distance & speed, & cute british accent

Fave android app 3: Astrid for tasks. Assign dates times and alarms, syncs w google cal and adds to calendar, also syncs w remember the milk

Fave android app 2: Aldiko ebook reader until the Kindle app is released

Fave android app 1: Advanced Task Killer Free. Kill apps you never realized were running, save your battery.

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