Why I’m Boycotting Skype


Posted on 26th August 2011 by Nouveau Geek in Geeky Pursuits

Anyone notice with the most recent Skype update for Windows that all “callto” phone numbers across the web and in your email are linked directly to Skype? Even when I went to the “Call Phone” feature from within Gmail, every number in my history was linked to Skype. Not only did they do that without asking me, they also installed a Chrome extension without my permission. [update: after another Skype update, the Chrome extension was reinstalled and wouldn't uninstall through the extension's own uninstall utility. I had to go into Tools > Extensions to remove it.] I use Skype on a daily basis (free account only) for meetings and phone calls with my team and with clients. Everyone I work with is on Skype. But for personal use I prefer to use Google to make web calls and for chat. If I could influence widespread user adoption of Google tools for business, I’d be perfectly happy. But Skype, DON’T mess with my personal space without asking. [Update: after this most recent Skype update, and how upset I got when I couldn't uninstall the Chrome extension at first, I am now boycotting Skype. Call me on my phone or let's use Google.]

You can disable Skype as “callto” links by going into Options > Advanced Settings and uncheck the “Use Skype to call callto: links on the web” option.


You can also uninstall the Chrome extension by clicking on the Skype icon in your Chrome toolbar, where you can click to uninstall the extension. [Update: This doesn't work. It keeps asking you to close all open Chrome windows. All my Chrome windows were closed, so it wouldn't let me proceed with the uninstall. So I went to Tools > Extensions and removed it from there.]

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