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Introverted (but not shy), left-handed, seemingly scatter-brained, yet extremely detail-oriented. Tend toward geekiness, with a profound love for/dependence on gadgets. Will often be found cradling my Droid X or Kindle, or tapping away on my laptops at 80 wpm, working, socializing, blogging on NouveauGeek.com, or ordering stuff on Amazon.

At the same time, I love fine pens, writing notes in journals, and the smell of a cozy bookstore. I try to find a local IPA in every town I visit and red wine is my weakness.

By day, (and some evenings and weekends), I work for Treetop Software Company, LLC as Director of Marketing. We are the creators of SweatMonkey.com, an online volunteer/service-learning hour-tracking platform for students and schools. We’re in the midst of rebranding and relaunching as NobleHour.com which will provide hour tracking in a customizable online community portal for schools, non-profits, businesses, and municipalities. Want to join our closed beta? Shoot me an email at pia@noblehour.com!

Most evenings and weekends are devoted to my family, my first love.

So what is a nouveau geek? I’m not sure I actually coined the term but I did coin a definition which I entered into Wikipedia, and have pasted below. Although Wikipedia deleted the nouveau geek page, I have kept the link (see below,) because it was ever so briefly legitimized by Wikipedia. I hope to restore the page, AND the nouveau geek, into legitimate existence! [Update: it has been fully legitimized on Urban Dictionary! Nouveau Geek on Urban Dictionary]

Pia Simeoni

Nouveau geek (French for “new geek”), refers to a person who has acquired considerable technical savvy without the deep foundational knowledge of a computer scientist. This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a different educational curriculum, such as liberal arts, and that such education has not necessarily provided the means for the development of web sites or the use of gadgets that were previously unobtainable, but rather the Socratic drive to keep questioning, learning,  creating, viewing source, copying and pasting, and using WordPress themes and widgets . The term can also be used in a derogatory fashion by hard core techies, for the purposes of intellectual distinction, to describe persons with newfound knowledge as lacking the experience or finesse to use technology in the same manner as the  “old geek”—persons who actually know how to write software from scratch but often have no interpersonal skills or the ability to apply complex concepts to modern or everyday business scenarios.

Wikipedia contributors, “Nouveau geek,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nouveau_geek&oldid=311594364 (accessed September 3, 2009).

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